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Jędrzejów – Klasztor Cystersów

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Metallica Pandora Green Beads and i were just made for various other

I had certain ideas for a long time and wanted to execute them to a certain point.Initially, i think it was the great thing i ever did.Two, i did it with the best guys i could find in the world.There they were and we happened to really meet accidentally(But there no such thing as disasters)And we are there i don r disagreed about anything, it wasn that sort of thing, or even anybody being in command of anything.It was just like five guys trying to work on this thing, in any case it was.Everybody in it had honest, so it wasn some sort of keeping it honest, it was to push as hard as you will definitely could within the realms of reality.That the rough wait until you hear the real one.

Since album is inspired by the plays, how did you manage to convert it into music?

What do you do with to make come to life in an advanced way using rock?And i mean the hardest power rock you could come up with which might need to be metallica.I knew may do that.I been submerging my psyche in various viewpoints of there lulu, the actual guy she does it to, the guy down below him, the woman who falls because it, on and on and on it goes and i was needing to figure, and we did this in the studio room.We said is vocal singing this one and why?And go during the plot again, like is so and so singing it so and so i was doing the vocal with james backing me up in order that it was, i believe, rotating gears.

Township a big fan of frank wedekind works?How did thinking Pandora Charms about dedicating a whole album to it spring up?

I had this thing i worked on for a long time.It was not a pioneering idea for me either, it was something to be done with the berlin theatre ensemble and it went back to an original new opera by berg of two plays by frank wedekind.He didn are right the first time either.Robert wilson, the overseer, sat with a dramaturge to make one other version and then one time in berlin, they said there 14 versions of this floating but the main thrust of it is similar to pandora box:Lulu, the best femme fatale, and in those times, i reckon that, a big surprise for the bourgeois, and that’s it was written, in the sense of getting conceived her as immoral, and also amin addition toal.I received my paws on it, trying to make sense from script.The mindset of lulu, principle plot, who she did what with was not bad, except now you wouldn take into account that as amoral.

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Dom Chleba Licheń. Kronika budowy sanktuarium Zamek Malbork Wrocław – przewodnik turystyczny Jędrzejów – Klasztor Cystersów Pałac w Wilanowie Pachnący Obraz. Historia obrazu MB w Piekarach Śląskich Międzyrzec Podlaski – urokliwe miejsce Na Cysterskim Szlaku: Koprzywnica-Sulejów-Wąchock
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